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SEXBEAT 012 - White Fence - Green Balloon

Image of SEXBEAT 012 - White Fence - Green Balloon


We are super excited to announce that on Monday 21st May SEXBEAT will celebrate the release of a new single from WHITE FENCE, the solo project of Darker My Love guitarist and some-time Strange Boy Tim Presley.

We have been fans of Presley’s wigged-out, psychedelic weirdness for some time now and it is a real pleasure to be releasing these three songs, not least because they are a wonderful continuation of everything that was great about ‘Is Growing Faith’… On ‘Green Balloon’ and ‘Peephole Blues’ Presley casts a hypnotic spell with this strangely compelling and distorted vocal melody to the backdrop of a blissful psychedelic jam.

‘Green Balloon’ will be released on Monday 21st May on 7” only and will be limited to 500 copies in UK / EU via SEXBEAT Records and 500 copies in the US courtesy of High Fives And Hand Shakes Records.