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SEXBEAT 009 - Virals - 'Magic Happens' SOLD OUT


On Monday 30th January SEXBEAT will release ‘Magic Happens’ and 'Comes The Night', the debut double A-side 7” from VIRALS. This is the newest project from Shaun Hencher who may well have appeared in your life before with Lovvers or a plethora of influential bands prior to that. However, VIRALS is a new beginning and we are very happy to be a part of this…

Both ‘Magic Happens’ and ‘Comes The Night’ brim with a sense of effortless melody that kinda reminds us of The Nerves or something, brash, infectious, FUN… all the everything that a fine pop song should be. These songs will lodge themselves into your brain… in the best possible way.

‘Magic Happens’ and ‘Come The Night’ were written and recorded throughout the Summer 2011 in his hometown of Worcester with Shaun performing everything on there (except drums). He also designed the artwork too...

Sold Out